Only girl parents should not be worried about rape culture

5 May 2018

Sexual Assault and rape cases are increasing day by day all over the world. Children, adults, old people and even newborns are not safe. Few days back I saw a friend’s post on facebook about how worried she is as a mom of a girl. I read the entire ...


Am I Pampering Or Spoiling my kid

20 April 2018

Parenting is hard nut to crack but at the end we all want best for our kids. They always smile, remain happy, grow fast, behave well, get along with others and the list is long enough to cover this entire post. We try different strategies and method ...


Motherhood : No Judgement Zone

2 April 2018

Woman plays multiple roles in a lifetime, but being mom is kind of toughest responsibility. You can never be fully trained for being a mom because there is no manual for being a perfect mom. Besides all the surprises of motherhood, every mom tries to...


Easter Egg Hunt and fun activity for toddler

27 March 2018

When you have kids, you start doing new things which makes your kid engaged and happy. Celebrating Easter was never my kind of thing but now with my girl growing up, I have started to explore new things for her. Easter is not just about baskets full ...


Trip to My Country after Years

20 March 2018

I moved to United States 3 years back with my husband and this was my first time that I lived in another country. When we moved here we didn’t know anyone and now we have a beautiful daughter and friends who are like family. After so many years I p...


How I survived flying solo (international) with a toddler

13 February 2018

I am on the longest vacation of my life these days (my trip to India from US) and this vacation surely is teaching me so many things. From the time I planned to visit India I was very excited and nervous. The only reason for the nervousness was ...


My Fall bucket List

6 November 2017

Everyone have some favorites and out of all the seasons, fall is my favorite. You can carve pumpkins, make your Halloween costumes or celebrate Diwali with loved ones. The transition from summer to winter is something I just love. Fall is the most be...


DIY: Starbucks Theme Halloween costume for family of three

30 October 2017

Two years back I didn’t know what people actually do for Halloween. I was living in India and I just knew that people wear scary costume and they try to look as creepy as possible on this day. But today I can say that I enjoy Halloween as much as I...



23 October 2017

With Halloween round the corner, finding the perfect costume can be stressful. Though we have unlimited options for buying the pre-made costumes at local stores but aren’t they too expensive? Especially for babies and toddlers, it’s just a matter...


Five must haves for new moms

15 October 2017

When you are pregnant, there is a big list in mind. We try to make sure that we have everything we need for our baby. We even buy those things which are not necessary but we want to buy. In the excitement of welcoming a baby we sometimes forget about...