Why to shop for Kids Clothing Online

24 February 2019

For all the shopping lovers, shopping is a stress buster and online shopping is like a cherry on the cake. When we go to stores our shopping, trip ends in a few hours. But shopping online has its own charm. You buy something and you wait for it to be...


Life is too short to…

9 December 2018

Everyone live their life in different way and I believe, no way is good or bad. It’s a choice that one makes on how to live their life. Recently few incidents happened that made me dive into my past and I realized that there are so many things that...


Cutest Clothes by Doodle Pants

28 September 2018

If you are a mom who likes to dress your kiddo that makes them standout in crowd, then Doodle Pants is the shop for you. I am sure every mom have seen atleast one or two kids wearing the same clothes as your ...


Hottest Summer Prints

7 August 2018

Kids look cute in anything they wear. Especially for girls, there are 100s of styles and prints available. In summers gladiators, crop tops and other summer accessories makes you feel summery all the season. Every year there is a hit print which you ...


Must Have Summer Accessories for Toddler Girls

10 July 2018

Now when summer is super-hot these days, I have a list of must have Summer Accessories for toddler girls. More than ‘Must Haves’, these are fun accessories for your little fashionista.

  1. Fashion Jewelry:  when your gi...



23 October 2017

With Halloween round the corner, finding the perfect costume can be stressful. Though we have unlimited options for buying the pre-made costumes at local stores but aren’t they too expensive? Especially for babies and toddlers, it’s just a matter...


Indian Traditional Styles For Little Girls

24 September 2017

When we talk about Traditional Indian Dresses, there is not just one style that comes in mind. India is known for diversity and this can be seen in people’s attire for different parts of country. Festive season is just started in India and the whol...


Must Have Casual Summer Styles for Little Girls

28 August 2017

Summer is almost gone and you can see stores have already started displaying coats instead of sleeveless tops. However there are still few weeks to enjoy the sun and wear your summer favorites. Last week we had our last pool party of this season and ...