Candytopia- A Paradise For Kids

25 March 2019

People living in Connecticut always looks for some indoor places to visit in winters and I am one of them. I came to know about Candytopia while I was looking for some kid...


Mykonos My Favorite Part of Greece Vacation

2 December 2018

Mykonos is a photogenic island in Greece and also known as party capital of Greece. You can say that Mykonos is one of Greece’s most famous Islands. From open air restaurants to late night pubs, beach clubs to hookah bars it has everything. Most of...


All about My trip to Santorini

21 September 2018

Santorini is in everyone’s list if you are travelling to Greece. For me, it was a little different. I wanted to go to Santorini and that’s why we planned a family trip


Planning A Trip To Greece With Family

10 September 2018

Planning a Vacation to Greece with family? Not sure about where to go and where not? Well, you are at the right place then. I traveled to Greece in summer 2018 and I am totally in love with the place. All the hype for Greece as a travel destination i...


Visit to Howe Cavern with a toddler

18 July 2018

I visited Niagara Falls few years back and I was looking for some pit stops on the way. This was the first time I came to know about Howe Cavern in upstate New York. I skipped visiting Howe Cavern at that time but added it to my bucket list. This sum...


Weekend getaway to Philadelphia and Poconos

3 June 2018

Summer is the best time to plan weekend getaways with family. But when we have a baby, we try to find places that are nearby and comfortable for family outings. Last summer we went to Poconos and Philadelphia for a 3 days trip. Our daughter was 9 mon...


Trip to My Country after Years

20 March 2018

I moved to United States 3 years back with my husband and this was my first time that I lived in another country. When we moved here we didn’t know anyone and now we have a beautiful daughter and friends who are like family. After so many years I p...


How I survived flying solo (international) with a toddler

13 February 2018

I am on the longest vacation of my life these days (my trip to India from US) and this vacation surely is teaching me so many things. From the time I planned to visit India I was very excited and nervous. The only reason for the nervousness was ...


First Road Trip Experience with My Baby

4 September 2017

Visiting New Hampshire in Fall Should be on everyone’s bucket list so that you can fully experience breathtaking views of mountains splashed with multiple colors, crisp air and Drive on Kanc Highway. If you haven’t visited New Hampshire then this...