Now when summer is super-hot these days, I have a list of must have Summer Accessories for toddler girls. More than ‘Must Haves’, these are fun accessories for your little fashionista.

  1. Fashion Jewelry:  when your girl starts picking your Jewelry and try it on, it’s the right time to buy some fashion jewelry for her too. These days we can get very light weight bracelets and neckpieces for toddler girls. Look at these pictures and you will see how she loves her jewelry.
  2. Hats: Wearing hats is a fashion trend for all ages. But for our kids, it’s more than just a fashion trend. In hot summer days it helps in protecting our kids from direct sunlight and I love the styles and designs available in market these days. So many styles to choose from.
  3. Sunglasses: Who does not have a pair of sunglasses? Let’s just think do we consider going outdoors without our sunglasses? Answer surely is no. Sunglasses are not just for summers. It’s one accessory that we need all year along.
  4. Sling Bags: The reason I have added a sling bag in must have accessory for toddlers in summer is: they just wants to keep everything with them. Baby J have to take her tiny little doll with her even for bath. She sometimes grabs small rocks and keeps them in hand.  From the time she got a sling bag she knows where to keep her stuff. And besides all this, they just look super cute.


This is a list of some fun and must have accessories for toddler girls. Do you have a list of your favorite accessories for your toddler? Which one of these you are going to adopt this summer? Leave a comment !