Awesome, unforgettable, best day ever. These are common terms new moms use to express how it feels when you become mom. Mine is no different. It’s been a year that Jianna came to My life, but I remember it like it was yesterday. As my first blog post on Jinscribe I am going to share my experience of the day when I became more responsible, more caring and more emotional: The Day I Became MOM.


August 4th 2016, it was 6 in the morning when we left for hospital. Mine was a planned C Section so I was fully prepared (at least that’s what I thought). My C section was scheduled for 7:30 AM so I got ready and nurse started with all the pre-c section stuff. Once she left, Lalit and I were waiting for me to go to OT. I still remember that time, Lalit was more nervous than me and I was the one consoling him that things will be alright.

Doctor came to visit us and informed that there are 2 emergency cases (some normal delivery Was converted to c section due to few complications) and she must attend that first. The first thought that came to my mind was ‘Jianna seriously loves to make mamma wait.’ She was already 2 weeks over due and now those few hours were tough to pass. In States it’s a good thing that your husband stays with you at this special but tough time.

We clicked some pictures of us. It was kind of last hour of me being pregnant. My Mother-in-law was waiting in waiting area and was on phone with many people in INDIA. When Lalit went to inform her that there is some delay they thought he came togive the good news that baby is born. Then again series of phone calls started so that everyone knows they have to wait for some more time.


Finally, I was taken to OT ALONE. Nurse told me that my husband will join after some time. I was more nervous but was not afraid of what’s going to happen with me. My doctor was really good. In OT she talked to me, helped me feel relax and that was the first time when I realized I am going to meet my baby now (even while writing this I am smiling, because that feeling is amazing and it can never leave my heart) .There were 2 doctors and nurses to help them. Anesthetist came for epidural. The epidural process was little painful but after effect of epidural was fantastic. I mean I had incision after that and I delivered a baby with a smiling face. All thanks to epidural.

Now when my lower body was numb and mind was relaxed, they called Lalit to OT. He was Sitting near to my face and nurse covered entire body with a tent like cloth with doctors inside. I was smiling because Lalit had the same look on his face that he had when he first met my dad.

He was damn nervous. We were talking and very soon we heard Jianna crying. Nurse cleaned the baby, noted her birth time, weight, height, wrapped her and came to Lalit. He held her and showed her face to me. I always thought I will cry when I see my baby but I was happy to see her and I kept on smiling even when I was being operated. Soon they took the baby and Lalit left OT.


Once my surgery was done I was moved to a room where nurse have to monitor me. I was unconscious by then. My mother-in-law and Lalit were also there. I guess by the time I gained conscious, they have informed everyone in INDIA and Jianna’s first picture was floating on chat groups. I have already given strict instruction to Lalit that you need to click nice first picture of my baby but this is what he could do at max(No filter Pic). This is not Jianna’s best picture but it’s the most special picture for me.


When I gained conscious again, obviously the first thing I asked was where is my baby. After waiting for months, I was so desperate to hold her. I wanted to see how she will look at me. She was with my mother-in-law. She gave her to me and yes, I was holding her. Tiniest human being I have ever seen. My baby who was kicking me from inside is in my hands finally. I hugged her and the only thing could say was ‘Love you baby’. People say that mother’s love is unconditional, but you actually realize it when you hold your baby. It was the first time I had a surgery in my life, but it seems so small in front of the satisfaction you get when you see your baby.

While I was holding Jianna, we were moved to our room. Nurse then took her for some other checkups and I talked to my mom in INDIA. Here when I was welcoming my daughter in the world, my mom was worried about her daughter. After talking to me she was able to sleep well I guess. That’s how the day ended. It was definitely a starting of so many new things. The post-partum experience totally deserves another post. For now, tell me if you have ever experienced, witnessed a child birth? Would love to hear how it felt. Go and share your story in comments below.