A mother – daughter relation is one of the best relations without a doubt. Though not every duo shares the same type of relation in every aspect, except for the love as it is unconditional. I belong to a modern yet conservative family and despite of being a very moody and short-tempered girl, my mom raised me as a pampered child. I too love her to no extent but when it comes to SHARING (to talk to her about anything) part, I still hesitate a lot or can say can’t share a hell lot of things. Sharing few things that I wish I could share with my mom:

  1. Importance of male friends: Just letting her know about your male friends is one thing but making her realize their importance and making her believe that they can be your best friends just like your female ones is another difficult task. May be Bollywood played a big role in this with lines like –a boy and a girl can never be just friends 😉and moms somehow believe it.  
  2. How I handled my first breakup: This is the story of every common girl who has faced a breakup in her life. When we hesitate in telling about our relationships openly, how can we talk about the big breakup thing, mood swings and emotions during that phase. No matter how much your best friends console you after the breakup, at the end you have to go home. Its tough to pretend like everything is fine when it’s not and at that time I really wish I could share my feelings with the person who loves me the most.
  3. How I exactly feel about life: Everyone sees life from their own perspective and what you believe is true, might be wrong from another person’s perspective. So, I sometimes differ from her opinion for a particular person or a situation and no matter what, I can’t make her understand my point of view. Moms have some dreams and expectations for our lives that they think is the best. Any changes or exceptions in that imaginary plan is difficult to explain. 
  4. Arrange marriage is not only the best option: Marriage is a big thing especially for a girl’s parent. They want the best guy for their dolls and they think we are never mature enough to choose a partner for ourselves. Confusing right? we can get married to unknown person because it is arranged by them, but we cannot think about loving someone as according to them we are too young to decide for ourselves? I wish I could ask these questions to her and clear my doubts 😊 
  5. Opinion about formalities: We do not believe in formalities and definitely don’t want to do things just to make others happy. How hard is to stay out of formalities and do what you feel like. Meet your family friends or cousins casually and without pressure on your shoulders. But with moms most things comes with a social pressure and what does and what doesn’t look good. Why can’t we live a simple life without much thinking.Why formalities is necessary? just for social overlook. 

Above are the few things that I wish I could share with her. This list could be big or small depending on the bond you share with your mom and what kind of family you belong to. While writing this blog I am just thinking if I could share anything with her, how different life could have been.

I would also like to share my thoughts about possible reasons that some of us can’t share everything with moms:

  1. Generation gap– It is a fact that can’t be ignored. Generation gap is a controversy of our beliefs and we don’t want to be right by proving them wrong. 
  2. Lack of confidence– We ourselves lack confidence which is needed to explain things the way we want to. And if you are not confident enough, you can never win her confidence. 
  3. Conservative and strict nature– If someone’s mom is too conservative or strict it becomes difficult to share your things. We keep on thinking that they will not understand and by sharing our feelings, we may trouble ourselves. 

So, some things in life always remain in the category of “if I could”. But I wish and hope that this “if I could” will not be there in coming times and generations. Can you relate with this? You had anything that you wanted to share with your mom but you couldn’t? Feel free to share with us.

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