For all the shopping lovers, shopping is a stress buster and online shopping is like a cherry on the cake. When we go to stores our shopping, trip ends in a few hours. But shopping online has its own charm. You buy something and you wait for it to be delivered and then try it and so on 😉. The process is long and exciting. Whether it’s a girl or it’s a boy, it’s your kid or your friend’s kid, one thing we love to do is shop for the cutest clothes for little ones. I used to enjoy going to stores and try things before buying but after my baby was born, I switched to online shopping. From the time I was pregnant to now when my daughter is almost 3 years old, I buy her clothes online. However, do make sure that you choose the best clothing for your kiddo. Below are some of the reasons that make me love shopping for kids’ clothes online:

  1. Variety: Online shopping offers a huge variety of designs and brands. All these online stores have thousands of options for kids clothing and accessories. I remember once I was looking for Indian dresses for my girl and even in big stores, they had only 10-12 designs for a certain age group. But when I checked online, I found hundreds of designs. So, variety is something that always attracts me when I have to buy new clothes for my kiddo. 
  2. Save Time and effort: We all know that being a mom is tiring and we are always looking for some ‘me’ time. When life is busy with a toddler, managing the house, job and now on top of that you know that you need to buy the new Peppa pig dress for your girl (because it’s her favorite cartoon these days). It is during times like these, shopping online for kids clothing feels like a blessing. You can even filter clothes with characters (love technology). There are also one and two-day shipping options available these days. 
  3. Discounts: SALE! This is my most favorite word (obviously after the Salary Credited – king of phrases 😊) If I recall my previous three visits to a mall then the main reason for that was the SALE in stores. When I hear about SALE, by default I get a list of important things that I need. On the other hand, online shopping sites ALWAYS have something that’s on sale. 
  4. Personalized Clothes: Personalized clothes are in trend these days. Even a simple T-Shirt with your kid’s name (or their initials) written on it makes a perfect dress for any occasion. Even though we have good shops who make personalized clothes, I always prefer to check online for websites that provide personalized kids clothing. 
  5. Worldwide Shipping: I didn’t realize how important this factor is until I moved to the US from India. When I see a worldwide shipping option, it makes me feel happy knowing I am going to get the best dress for upcoming Diwali or Rakhi for my girl, irrespective of the distance. 
  6. Easy Return Policy: For kids clothing, sizing is not a big issue as they grow in some pattern of 2T-3T and so on. But easy return policy is a boon for buyers. I remember I used to shop for kids clothing online when I was in India and once I ordered a dress for my niece that was too small for her. All I had to do was to set up a return online in a matter of clicks. 
  7. Helping Small Shops: By shopping online for kids clothing, we can help so many creative moms who run small online stores (which in turn helps their kids). I have seen some online stores that feature many unique designs as compared to the physical stores and the price is affordable too.

Besides all the benefits I wrote, the main reason for me to shop for my kid’s clothes online is to save the energy to enjoy the time with her. Until I am not in a fight with my husband or I don’t have to buy a surprise gift (leaving no trace in online messages and e-mails), I prefer to shop online. It’s like visiting 10 stores who offer the best discounts and have a variety of options to choose in less time. Are you an online shopper too? Do you enjoy it more than in-store or it’s just not that interesting for you? Leave a comment as I would love to hear your thought about it.