People living in Connecticut always looks for some indoor places to visit in winters and I am one of them. I came to know about Candytopia while I was looking for some kid’s friendly places to visit in NYC and CT. Well I am glad that I found this place and decided to go there. Here is everything you should know before you plan to visit Candytopia with your kids (or alone).

What is Candytopia?
It’s one CandyMuseum kind of place where you have different rooms filled with different arts/activities/confetti/props and lots and lots of candies. You need to buy tickets for this and children under age of 3 are free (so I saved my girl’s ticket 😉). You can’t just go and enter Candytopia, around 20-30 people go in a group.

Is it only for Kids?

Not exactly. If I would have gone to this place even if I don’t have a kid, I would have had the same fun (look at me in the picture below and you will see who is loving it more 😊). It’s a perfect place for people who likes to explore new places and click beautiful pictures. Though this is a paradise for kids especially the ones who love candies.

How much time it takes inside Candytopia?

If you are going without a kid you can cover it in around 30-40 minutes starting from the main door to the marshmallow pit (that’s the last room). But if you have an energetic toddler (who is die hard candy fan) or a dramatic photo lover (like us) then add more half an hour to it.

Is Candytopia always open?

This differs from location to location. Like New York one is closed (as per their website) and will open in August now. But other locations are still open. So, make sure you check it before planning a trip.

What to do in Candytopia?

If I have to answer this in one line then I will say – Eat candies (lots of them), click great pictures (staff is very cooperative), appreciate amazing candy art and have fun family time.

Candytopia starts with a room where staff explains some rules like only see the candy art and don’t eat it etc etc. You can also pick some Lindt Truffles.

Then a balloon passage comes which scared my little girl a lot, but daddy helped her. The passage was fun and windy 😊. You will reach to the entry room where you can see beautiful candy arts.

Then one activity room with small swings/speaker and foam toys. There is candy in every room from now and they have mentioned that you should take at max 4-5 candies(from each room).

Then there is sea world arts with candies :

Then comes my favorite part of Candytopia – the confetti room. This was our first experience of something like this and we totally loved it. My 2 year old has so much fun when she saw confetti alla round and we cant just get enough of it. The staff was so co-operative that they can blow it as many times as you want for perfect pictures.

There was this pig bum(or unicorn bum not sure) with confetti isnide it that farts all the confetti 🙂

After the confetti room you reach to this big room where you can get pictures clicked with beautiful backgrounds and play with the giant ball.

Then comes the last room – the marshmallow pit. you can expect a waiting here as they wont just allow you to dive in as you reach. A group of around 7-9 people are send at a time and you can spend around 10-15 minutes inside the pit. The Pit was literally deep so don’t let your kiddo go alone 😊

Jinscribe-Tip for Candytopia:

In Candytopia you can register your email id before entering the gate for free and you can get free pictures clicked by their perfectly placed cameras. You will receive the pictures within 2 minutes on your email and that too absolutely free. Look at these pictures we got:



Does Candytopia Worth the Money?

Totally. It’s a different place and I recommend it to any parent. My family had amazing time and specially my girl. By the time we reached last room she remembered that we have to pick only few candies in a room 😊

So, for a small fun family date, visit Candytopia and I would like to mention that this post is not sponsored by Candytopia. We purchased our own tickets and it’s the smile on our faces that made me write this blog 😊