Visit to Howe Cavern with a toddler

18 July 2018

I visited Niagara Falls few years back and I was looking for some pit stops on the way. This was the first time I came to know about Howe Cavern in upstate New York. I skipped visiting Howe Cavern at that time but added it to my bucket list. This sum...


Must Have Summer Accessories for Toddler Girls

10 July 2018

Now when summer is super-hot these days, I have a list of must have Summer Accessories for toddler girls. More than ‘Must Haves’, these are fun accessories for your little fashionista.

  1. Fashion Jewelry:  when your gi...


Jinscribe is turning One

3 July 2018

Hi there ! You may not realize it, but you are an important part of Jinscribe family. We are turning One on August 4th 2018 and we want to celebrate with YOU! To get the party started we have planned few giveaways for you to participate.


My first Experience with Essential Oils

1 July 2018

Internet is the first place where I came to know about Essential Oils. I read about it and came to know that it is one very famous product these days and it is beneficial for most type of pains, different moods, cleaning, weight loss, sleep and what ...


BreastFeed to Bottle

21 June 2018

It is no hidden fact that breastfeeding is important for baby’s initial growth and development. It is recommended by doctors and pediatricians. But, at some point of time you have to make a transitions from Breastfeed to Bottle and trust me it is e...


First Fathers Day Celebration

10 June 2018

No matter how much your guy says that Father Day is just another hallmark day, they expect us to make it special for them. Especially when the kids are so young that they can’t even wish them. So when my girl was born, mother’s day came first and...


Weekend getaway to Philadelphia and Poconos

3 June 2018

Summer is the best time to plan weekend getaways with family. But when we have a baby, we try to find places that are nearby and comfortable for family outings. Last summer we went to Poconos and Philadelphia for a 3 days trip. Our daughter was 9 mon...


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Toddlers Mom

10 May 2018

Mother’s day is celebrated 2nd Sunday of May every year and holds a special place for all mothers and who won’t feel special on a day that is intended just for them. New born or toddlers on the other hand have no freaking idea about t...


Only girl parents should not be worried about rape culture

5 May 2018

Sexual Assault and rape cases are increasing day by day all over the world. Children, adults, old people and even newborns are not safe. Few days back I saw a friend’s post on facebook about how worried she is as a mom of a girl. I read the entire ...


Am I Pampering Or Spoiling my kid

20 April 2018

Parenting is hard nut to crack but at the end we all want best for our kids. They always smile, remain happy, grow fast, behave well, get along with others and the list is long enough to cover this entire post. We try different strategies and method ...